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  • Advanced Anti-Ban System

    Advanced Anti-Ban System

    We have developed the bot to behave just as a human would, and dynamically update if the conditions change. KaW Bot won't just click the same positions, it modifies them randomly every time.

  • Efficient


    KaW Bot has many custom scripts that allow you to maximize your earnings, so you can make even more gold.

  • Customizable


    KaW Bot gives the user more power than ever before. Everything from the location of the attack button to the difference in seconds between actions can be changed!

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What our users had to say about the bot

KaW Bot has saved me countless hours of time, so instead of performing the same repetitive task for hours on end I could get things done in the real world.
Anonymous User
I have been using the bot since it came out and it has never let me down.
Bryce C.
Bryce C.

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